Half Term Fun!

Half Term is nearly upon us. There are so many activities out there to keep your kids engaged, whilst hopefully having a bit of a relax too.

We’ve come up with a few ideas to help.

We’ve also included links to Instagram accounts for some so you can find them easily. If you have more ideas and recommendations to share with others, please do share in comments.

In alphabetic order:

⭐️ Acting classes – @bossactingschool

⭐️ Art kits – @mybusybots

⭐️ Baking kits – @craft_crumb

⭐️ Board Games

⭐️ Book Club – pick a book with friends, discuss over zoom and hot chocolate at the end of the week

⭐️ Cardboard box diorama

⭐️ Coding classes – we like @mamacodes

⭐️ Cookie challenge – have them make a different choc chip cookie recipe each day…. for science 🙂

⭐️ Draw with Rob – @rbiddulph

⭐️ Epic Indoor forts/dens

⭐️ Escape room – online

⭐️ Farmyard classes @bockettsfarm

⭐️ Make lunch for parents, dealers choice

⭐️ Movie day/night with lots of popcorn

⭐️ Nature rubbings using paper and charcoal or coloured pencils

⭐️ Origami

⭐️ Painting en plein air at local park

⭐️ Pinecone bird feeders

⭐️ Science kits or virtual tour of @sciencemuseum

⭐️ Science experiments – find lots of content @thedadlab

⭐️ Shadow Drawing

⭐️ Sketching at local park, of animals, birds, nature, people

⭐️ Tea Party

⭐️ Tinkering with metal earth, lego, building blocks, magnets

⭐️ Treasure hunt at local park to find early signs of spring and animals. Find online @treasuretrailsuk

We hope you love these ideas as much as we do. What will you be getting up to this half term?

Join the conversation on Instagram or share in comments below!

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