What makes My Gator Watch different

As a small business, we continually ask ourselves: what makes our brand unique? How can we show our customers that with us, they are never just another customer?

Customer service and good quality products have always been at the very top of our priority list.

Our product is a wearable phone and GPS tracker – the highest rated on Amazon UK. It is ideal for 5 to 12 years old kids who are too young for mobile phones, and for those over 65 years old who don’t like the complications of a smartphone.

Here’s what we think makes us different!

1. Best reviewed GPS watch for kids on the market

We are incredibly proud of the hundreds of excellent reviews we have from our fabulous customers. These reviews are often centred around our customer service team, who are absolutely fantastic.

You can find our reviews on our website and on Amazon

2. Our Parental App is Free

We do not believe in charging our customers to use our parental app. Life is full of charges, and we want to keep them to a minimum. With My Gator Watch you pay for the watch, and your service plan.

You do not need to purchase a SIM or pay a fee to use our app.

3. We never lock you in

Circumstances change all the time, and we know this! We offer flexible service plans – with monthly or annual options – cancel anytime or transfer contract.

If your child stops using their watch, then you will be able to cancel your contract. Or if your child would like to pass their watch onto someone else to use, then we will happily move the contract over to a new customer. In fact, we encourage it!

4. Small British brand, and a 100% flexi-working team 

We are a small brand with no “non-essential” overheads. This, in turn, means that we can ensure a GREAT product, with GREAT reviews and GREAT customer service.

We hire only on a flexible basis, and a majority of our outstanding team are parents who work around their kids. Colleen, the founder of My Gator Watch is hugely passionate about making sure family comes first, and this in turn, has bred a strong team who understand the value of our customers and their own families. We are all mums who understand what our customers feel when they purchase a watch for their child. It is never just a watch.

5. Great battery life 

The watch has 4 days standby battery, one of the best in class.

To us you are never just another customer

My Gator Watch team

Here are some of the excellent reviews we have had from our fabulous customers. Each review tells a story!

Why wouldn’t you?

Had one for a while now. It has been very reliable. GPS works flawlessly so you always know where they are. Calls to / from the watch never failed. Wouldn’t be without it.

Amazon customer

Amazing Watch with International Calling

The watch is very simple and feels well-made and solid. We have used other GPS watches that were either too childish or too toy-like. This one, in black, is discreet enough to match a conservative school uniform. Most importantly- it’s GPS tracking is immaculate and accurate. We have the EU version and are extremely satisfied by the fact that the watch can call international phone numbers.


Great watch to keep kids smartphone free but stay in contact – A detailed review by a My Gator parent

I’ve spent about 5 hours researching smart watches for kids and another 3 researching specifically this watch. It’s simple, my son likes the looks (had to be pure blue), and my concerns around security were satisfied after a call with support who answered promptly, were friendly, and knew what they were talking about.

Working in the security field, I know nothing is un-hackable but talking to support has shown that they are concerned and care about security enough to have infosec people and even a vulnerability disclosure contact. These are the main features:

* Multi-network subscription which increases connectivity but comes at the price of a monthly or yearly subscription cost * Splash-proof (hand washing, rainy days) * Battery lasts days without charging, easy to plug in for kids via magnetic plug * Good call quality * No smart functions (emoji, text messages, etc.) – it’s first and foremost a watch that can also do voice messages, track your kid’s location (via an app on your smartphone), has an SOS function, safe zones, and the ability to call pre-registered numbers (the watch and calling functions were the most important things to me) * Communication from watch to their back-end servers is encrypted (which should be standard) * As a detail for those who are interested in the underlying OS: it’s Nucleus

The only pain point is the price but if you know your kid is outside a lot, it’s definitely worth it and a good strategy to avoid buying a smartphone.

Amazon customer

Continue reading reviews here and here and here!

To learn more about our brand, products and team, visit our website

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