keeping the kids engaged during lockdown

Well, there we have it…three more weeks of lockdown and three more weeks of homeschool! We absolutely love seeing how each family are creating their own way of learning at home. We also know that some days can be tough and it’s hard to know where to get fun ideas that will inspire the kids. With this in mind, we have put together some of our favourite YOUTUBE/FACEBOOK lives for you to use over the coming weeks. The kids can settle into an online class while you grab a rare cup of something hot!


Let’s start with fitness and movement! Joe wicks managed to successfully get millions of us up and working out by 9am every morning and we love it! If you are looking to change things up a bit then why not try a few of these;

COSMIC KIDS YOGA – Cosmic kids yoga has fabulous themed classes for kids. You can find them on youtube here.

JUMPSTART JOHNNYJump Start Jonny is on a mission to get kids fit! His fun workouts and chill-out videos are loved by over 250,000 Jumpsters in schools and homes worldwide! Get jumping today!

SFC ACADEMY VIRTUAL FOOTBALL CAMP – Virtual SFC camp days are fun engaging and full of games and activities.

OTI MABUSE DANCE CLASS – Strictly come dancing star Oti Mabuse is live streaming dance classes over on her youtube channel. A great way to keep fit and learn some strictly moves.


If jumping jacks aren’t your kid’s thing then why not try something a little more creative?

DRAW WITH ROB – Rob uploads a new video every Tuesday and Thursday. Each video guides the viewer and helps them create their very own cartoon drawing.

LADYLAND ART CLUB – If your kids love arts and crafts then the Ladyland art club is the one for them. Adults can join in too! Each class offers a bit of art, a bit of craft, some graphic design and some active art.

MYLEENE’S MUSIC KLASS – Join this fun music class with Myleenover on her youtube channel. You don’t need to have an instrument to join in!


CODE.ORG – join each week for Code Break — help build the world’s largest live interactive classroom, with weekly challenges to engage students of all abilities, even those without computers.

SIEMENS DIY SCIENCESiemens DIY science challenges will inspire the whole family to get involved and try some super fun science experiments.

MATHS WITH CAROL VORDEMAN – Let Carol teach your child maths during this difficult period with The Maths Factor, A fun way for the whole family to swat up on their maths skills.

MADDIE MOATE – Packed with videos about travel, technology and plants. There is always something new to learn and explore with Maddie Moate.


LONDON ZOOLondon zoo are hosting amazing keeper videos weekly. These videos are a great insight into what’s going on behind the scenes.

BOCKETTS FARMBocketts Farm are hosting daily farmyard classroom videos including close-ups of their beautiful lambs.

EXPLORE.ORG – If you have a nature fanatic on your hands then head over to explore.orgto watch hundreds of live nature cams.

We hope you enjoy these brilliant videos and tutorials. We really love how there is something for everyone. What have we missed? We would love to know what your kids are following at home? Join the conversation in the comments below or via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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