back to basics – having fun at home.

How often do you and your kids enjoy the simple things in life? The real back to basics good old fashion fun? Ironically there never seems enough time for the simple things until maybe now. With many of us facing extended periods at home with the kids, we wanted to share some of our favourite ideas for having fun as a family. We hope you enjoy them!


Crafts are a fun way to keep the kids busy for a while. This can be anything from painting, to upcycling projects. Here are a few of our favourites;



We spent many an hour playing board games when we were younger. These games are often sadly replaced with games on computers, tablets and phones. Why not go back to basics and enjoy family games together? Here are some of our favourites

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Fresh air is always a good idea if you have a garden, or a woodland area close by. Here are some great ideas for outdoor play.

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Kids love getting creative with food. Plus you get to enjoy the goodies after the activity! Why not try some of these culinary activities with the kids?

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We all need time to relax, so let’s make the most of it while we can. Try suggesting few of these quiet time ideas to the kids.

C copy 4


What better time to learn a new skill? There are hundreds of resources for any hobby all over the internet. Here are just a few skills that the whole family can try.

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We hope these ideas give you some inspiration for the coming weeks, should you need them. As a team of mums ourselves, we would love to know what you get up to when you need to be inside? Share your wisdom in the comments below or via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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