As a small British business, we are continually asking ourselves, what makes our brand unique? How can we show our customers that with us, they are never just another customer? Customer service and good quality products are at the very top of our priority list. It is for this reason that it’s no surprise we are the best-reviewed GPS watch on the market. This week we wanted to showcase some of the excellent feedback we have had from our fabulous customers. Each review tells a story, and in many cases, My Gator watch as changed lives.


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 “The change this little watch has made to my son’s life is amazing. Teddy has recently been assessed and diagnosed with dyslexia and after a very long time of Teddy having no or little confidence, to now having a happy go lucky little chap who beams from ear to ear when he has the chance to go out wearing his My Gator Watch. For that, I will never be able to thank you enough.”

“Very pleased with this watch, aftercare service is excellent, our granddaughter is autistic and with the tracker on here we now nowhere she is, and this enables her to have more freedom, easy to operate as well she can phone us on our mobiles when she needs too”

 Peace of mind


 “I purchased this watch for an elderly relative after they fell and broke their wrist & ankle. It gave them great peace of mind knowing that at any time they could call us for help at the push of a button. It app is great for checking the location of the watch as well as battery and location monitoring. Great piece of kit.”

 “It takes a lot for me to make any form of review, but this product certainly deserves praise. Being a police officer, I am fully aware of the impact missing children have on parents. Most cases, the child is at a friends house and just not told the parent. I got the pink watch for my eight-year-old as she wanted a mobile phone, which is a big NO. Just too young, and I know this creates many more dangers. This watch allows me to relax while she is out playing. The locator and safe zones are great. Not always 100% accurate but as close as you need. My little one loves calling me to tell me she’s going to a different house or that’ she’s on her way home. I can not recommend this watch enough. The peace of mind I get with this tech is priceless. Please do not forget basic common sense and child safeguarding with your child. Good parenting is the only way to keep a child safe. This watch takes a little pressure off. Great product and we all love this watch.”

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 “Honestly I can’t praise this product & company enough! I allowed my daughter to go out on her own and I could call her anytime & she could call me, I also was able to set a location boundary so that if she went out of that specific area it would alert me & I could track exactly where she was on the street map. I could also add her friend’s parents numbers into the watch & her friends could call their parents & they could call them too. It was the best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten her as she had her freedom finally and I had peace of mind while she was out. Buying this watch was the best decision I ever made, they can wear it when on school trips, play dates, day trips with family, holidays, the uses are endless I can’t recommend it enough.” 

 Highest standard of customer service


IMG_1772 V3 square.jpg
Colleen Wong – Founder of My Gator Watch


 “This is an update on review. My initial review was 5 star. Unfortunately, it won’t allow me to add another star. I bought this watch for my daughter for Xmas ’18. After a couple of teething problems rectified by a call from Colleen from customer service on Xmas night, everything works great. My daughter doesn’t leave the house without it, if she ever goes out of the ‘safe zone’ I get an immediate notification. 8 months later I started getting problems with the watch, after a couple emails, and once again, a call FROM customer service, all in the Gator world is good again. This watch is made to the highest of standards and customer service is second to NONE.”

 “Customer service is the best I’ve ever had with any product! They reply to emails almost instantly; they call you if you need any assistance, literally couldn’t do any more to help you.”


IMG_4008 copy
Jen – A member of our amazing customer service team


 “Unlike with many other electrical devices I have bought, the after-sales customer service I received with this product has been exceptional. The makers would seem to be a small dedicated team who respond to emails and work hard to help you — highly recommended. The product itself does what it says on the tin and has proved invaluable in keeping track of where my elderly mother is. (Mum has dementia)

“Had the watch a couple of months now, which I purchased based on the strong reviews on here where I noted the comments about excellent service. I had looked at a number of options and these comment sealed the deal for me as was confident if it was not all I hoped it to be I would be looked after. The service has lived up to the hype. Email queries have been responded to in minutes (both times on a Saturday) and when requested a call back received in 5 after I messed this up by deleting the watch in the app. Colleen really goes the extra mile for her customers.”

We love nothing more than reading these amazing stories and these are just a few of the hundreds of reviews we have on amazon. We would love to know what qualities you like to see in a company? Join the conversation in the comments below or via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. 

 My Gator Watch is a wearable mobile phone designed especially for 5-12-year-olds. It uses GPS, two-way calling, works across multiple networks and has an SOS feature for peace of mind. It does not have a messaging feature, and you, the parent; determine all numbers that are pre-set within the phone.

 For more information and prices, please click here.


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