The gator watch guide to getting outdoors this Autumn

Does anyone else feel like the seasons are flying by this year? With October almost upon us, we are focussing our thoughts on autumn and all the beauty it brings with it. Autumn is one of the best times to get outdoors with the kids. Not too hot, not too cold, and of course it’s absolutely beautiful. This week we want to share with you our Autumnal family favourites. Grab a hot choc, make yourself comfy and read on…….



Hurrah for pumpkin picking! The American pumpkin patch tradition is quickly becoming super popular here in the UK, and we LOVE it. Lots of local farms and garden centres will offer the opportunity to go and pick pumpkins throughout October so be sure to check out what’s on near you. It makes for a great, cost-effective family day out, and the kids will love getting to work carving their pumpkins when they get home.



Fruit picking is another lovely activity to do as a family on an autumn day. Some fruits will now be out of season, but apples are still ready to be picked. Check out which of your local PYO farms have apple crops and make a beeline for them quick. Once you get home, you can enjoy making some sweet treats with them. Toffee apples? Yes, please!



Lots of venues start their Halloween celebrations at the beginning of October and run them for the whole month. This means you will have plenty of opportunities to get into the Halloween spirit with the kids. We will be listing the best spooktacular events in next weeks blog so keep your eyes peeled.



You really can’t beat the magnificent British countryside in the autumn. Getting out for an autumnal walk is a great way to get fresh air and enjoy the cooler weather. Why not plan a walk in your local area that finishes near somewhere that offers a slice of something yummy and a warm hot chocolate.



While you are out on your walk, see if the kids can collect a range of different leaves. You will find so many beautiful colours at this time of year. Pinterest has a whole range of lovely autumn craft ideas so you can encourage the kids to make something seasonal out of their finds.



October is the perfect time to visit your local harvest festival. Get in the community spirit as a family and enjoy all the activities that are on offer.



Conkers never get old. I’m sure we all have fond memories of searching and collecting conkers as a child. October is the month for it! Head to your local woods and see who can collect the most conkers.


IMG_1345 square.jpg

Lots of maize mazes are still yet to be harvested. Getting lost in a maze in the colder weather can be a lot more enjoyable than in the summer months, and some mazes are offering discounts so be sure to check out what’s in your local area.



Chestnut season has started yum! Another excuse to get into the woods and enjoy some family time. You will find chestnuts in most wooded areas. Once you have collected your batch, you can bring them home and roast them in the oven, or on the fire. The perfect autumnal treat to go with your hot chocolate.

We hope you love these autumn ideas as much as we do. What activities do you enjoy during the autumn months? Join the conversation in the comments below or via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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