Here at My Gator Watch, we love nothing more than watching our kids take on new challenges. We know that taking on roles of independence from a young age can help boost confidence and self-awareness, not to mention building on common sense skills. But when should they start practising independence? And what age should they be allowed to take on more responsibility? This week we have put together and age by age guide to help you know what they should be doing and when.

 Age Four – Five

Brush teeth

Wash hands

Wash face

Get dressed

Feed pets

Make bed

Small cleaning chores such as dusting and helping to empty the dishwasher

Go to a play date without a parent

Be familiar with personal details such as name, address and phone number.

 Age Six – Seven


Take sheets off the bed

Help with food prep such as cutting

Play in the front yard with friends

Help unpack shopping

Be able to make a simple cold meal such as a sandwich

Go to a sleepover without a parent

Select their own clothes for the day

 Age Eight – Nine

IMG_9150 square.jpg

Take care of personal belongings

Be able to assist with grocery shopping and count out the money

Be able to make simple meals and drinks

Be able to walk to the school bus

Be able to bath/shower by themselves

Confidently tell the time and correctly respond to curfews

 Age Nine – Ten


Go to the shops and make small purchases alone

Use the oven

Abide by more lenient curfews for playing outside after school and at weekends

Walk the dog

Make tea and coffee

 Age Ten – Eleven

_C5A8127 (1).jpg

Look after siblings

Clean their bedroom

Use the washing machine

Cut the grass

Be responsible for money allowances

Order own food at a restaurant

Be responsible for their valuables when out independently

We would love to know what responsibilities you give your kids. Do you agree with the above list or do you find letting them have more independence tough? Join the conversation in the comments below or via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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