It’s almost time for the kids to get back to school! Back to the morning rush, the packed lunch panic and all the sticking and glueing that comes with those last-minute school projects. There is always something to be forgotten or something that needs rearranging last minute.

This week we are talking about just how useful the Gator Watch is for keeping in contact while your kids are at school. It’s safe to say that the Gator Watch will be your kid’s best companion when they leave the house each morning.

“When I wear the Gator I feel that I am not alone” Alexander Aged 9



How many times have you dropped your kids off at school only to find their PE kit sitting on the back seat of the car when you get home? Or their packed lunch box is still sitting on the kitchen table minutes after they have left to catch the school bus? The Gator watch is the perfect way to remind them that they have left something behind. You are just one call away, meaning that they can also ask you to come back and bring their forgotten items. How many times have you had to drop things into school for your kids this term already?


calling mum

Many kids will be taking that extra step towards independence this term, and they will start taking the school bus with their peers. The school bus is super exciting, but we know that you will both be clock watching if the bus is late or it forgets your child’s stop. The Gator watch is an excellent solution for school transport issues. You can keep an eye on their journey via the Gator App, and they can call you if their bus is late.


untitled design

If your child has transitioned over to secondary school this year, then it’s highly likely that their diary will be jam-packed with after school clubs and sports events. These clubs often get moved/cancelled leaving kids hanging around after school. The Gator Watch is perfect for updating each other on changes and sorting out a last minute plan. And don’t we all love a last-minute plan!


IMG_3463 copy

A new school year means lots of new challenges, whether that’s at primary school or secondary school. New challenges and experiences are an excellent way for our kids to build up their confidence, but they can also be scary and daunting. The Gator Watch allows your kids to call for some extra reassurance. Just hearing your voice can be enough to help them get stuck in and feel more confident. The words “You can do it, I love you” can bring so much comfort to an anxious child.



Friendship groups are a huge part of school for our kids. Whether they are getting stuck back in with their old friends, or making new ones, you can guarantee that their social calendar is going to be more exciting than yours within a few weeks. Kids love to make plans with each other whilst they are at school. From arranging a play at the park after school to trying to persuade you to let their bestie over for a sleepover on a Friday night! It’s all hugely exciting for them, but it can be hard to keep track of it all. The Gator watch is an excellent way for them to communicate their ideas to you before you get bombarded with their plans at the school gates.

There is no doubt that the Gator Watch is the perfect companion for your kids as they take on more independence at school. And let’s be honest, anything that makes juggling a school calendar easier has to be a winner right? We would love to know how the Gator Watch has helped your kids, so do let us know in the comments below or via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Part of growing up is taking on independence, step by step, and My Gator Watch – the wearable mobile phone – makes that happen. It uses GPS, two-way calling, works across multiple networks and has an SOS feature for peace of mind.

For more information and prices, click here.




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