Catching up with Maia – Talented Actress and dancer at ten years old

This summer we are very excited to be bringing you exclusive Q&A’s with our super talented Gator Club ambassadors. This week we are delighted to introduce Maia. Maia was one of our very first gator ambassadors and is a hugely talented actress and dancer at just ten years old! Let’s catch up with Maia and see what she has been up to over the past year.


What age did Maia start their acting/dancing?

Maia started ballet at 2.5 years old and moved onto stagecoach at four years old.

How did Maia become interested in acting/dancing?

It was naturally in her! Maia has always loved performing, singing and dancing from a young age around the house.

We know that Maia has been super busy over the last year. What exciting things has she been up to?

Maia has been very busy. She secured a modelling contract with Adidas and featured in an online Cadburys advert.

Maia (and the whole family) filmed an advert for Royal Caribbean Cruises in which the entire family spent two weeks on the biggest ship in the world ‘Symphony of the Seas’ cruising around the Mediterranean.

Maia also passed her Grade 1 piano exam and was in her second consecutive Pantomime at Epsom Playhouse in December 2017 and 2018 with a gruelling schedule of over 20 performances!

As well as the above Maia was in a music video dancing and performing for American singer Matt Simons. She also modelled for Pineapples new range of dancewear at the move dance exhibition at the excel.

What does Maia like to do in her spare time?

Maia is very sporty and runs for Epsom and Ewell Harriers. She also competes for the school in the Borough running and football team. Last weekend she was the fastest runner in her age category (11.4 in 75m) against eight London clubs. Maia also loves to play the piano.

How does Maia juggle school and her acting/dancing?

Maia is very disciplined and passionate about her hobbies. She knows that homework comes before everything else!

How has My Gator Watch helped Maia?

Maia can be away from home for periods when she is working on a shoot or in pantomime. The gator watch allows us to stay in touch with each other and has been a godsend at times!

Image uploaded from iOS (1) copy 2.jpg

What is Maia’s favourite thing to do with her Gator Watch?

Calling mum when she needs me (her words)

What would Maia like to be when she grows up?

An actor, dancer and singer

How would you describe Maia in three words?

Determined, passionate and kind.


WOW! We are blown away with just how much Maia has achieved over the last year and we are delighted that her Gator Watch has been joining her for the ride. We will be keeping up with Maia over the next year so keep your eyes peeled!

Do you know someone who would like to be a Gator club ambassador? Do let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. We are always on the lookout for new talent.

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