This summer we are very excited to be bringing you exclusive Q&A’s with our super talented Gator Club ambassadors. This week we are delighted to introduce one of our brand new Gator ambassadors, Niyah. Niyah is a keen walker and climber at just eight years old. We aren’t just talking about a few leisurely strolls at the weekends. This girl has determination and grit that is extremely rare to come by! So without further ado….

What age did Niyah start walking/climbing?

She was five years old and loved our first hill climb.

How did Niyah become interested in walking/climbing?

When Niyah was five, we climbed Wales tallest mountain Snowdon for charity. She loved it so much, and once we had reached the top, she wanted to do it all again!

Has Niyah won any awards or made any significant achievements that you would like to share with us?

Niyah has taken on some pretty big climbs. After climbing Snowdon at five she went on to climb Scafell Pike at six, and Ben Nevis at seven years old.

She has also recently completed her first long-distance hike of 96 miles the west highland way and is currently working her way through the wainwright hills in the Lake District. So far she has completed 50 of the 214 peaks.

Niyah is also close to finishing her level one rock climbing award and is currently working toward her first bouldering awards. She has already completed her bronze navigation award and is now working towards her silver!


What does Niyah like to do in her spare time?

As well as rock climbing and bouldering Niya also plays for a local football team which she loves. She is also keen to learn about animals, and she loves collecting animal bones on her walking adventures. As well as all of the above, she enjoys art, science and visiting the zoo.

How does Niyah juggle school and her walking?

Niyah is currently home educated along with her sister and brother so we can spend most days outdoors walking or mountain climbing, she also includes her football, bouldering and rock climbing lessons toward her PE classes.

What is Niyah’s favourite thing to do with her Gator Watch?

She loves being able to contact us and knows if she ever did get lost while hiking, she would be able to contact us.

What would Niyah like to be when she grows up?

She would like to be a mountain leader, rock climber, or a doctor.

How would you describe Niyah in three words

Adventurous, energetic, funny

FullSizeRender 3

WOW! We are in awe of just how determined and adventurous Niyah is. We are sure that she will go on to take on the most challenging of climbs as she gets older and we are delighted that her Gator watch will be joining her for the journey! We will be keeping up with Niyah over the next few months so keep your eyes peeled.

Do you know someone who would like to be a Gator club ambassador? Do let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. We are always on the lookout for new talent!

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