the big kids guide to my gator watch

The sun is finally shining! Summer has arrived, and we are now on the final countdown to the summer holidays. Here at Gator HQ, we have been talking about all the great things our kids will be getting up to with their Gator Watches over the summer, and it got us thinking…….why should it just be the kids that have all the fun? The Gator Watch can actually be pretty handy for us parents too. So without further ado, let’s look at some ways us “big kids” can enjoy our little kid’s Gator watches (if we can peel it away from them that is)


Don’t get us wrong; we love the summer holidays, and all the extra time we get with the kids because of it. But it doesn’t come without its stresses. A few nights out away from the kids can be both refreshing and fun during that six-week break. If you are anything like most of us here at Gator HQ, a few drinks can turn you into a two-year-old that loses all of their personal possessions down the toilet! If this is you then be sure to borrow your kids Gator Watch for the evening. You can strap it onto your wrist, and it won’t go anywhere. You can also call for help when you’re ready for your bed, and you will be easily located!



If you feel the need to work off all that wine, and the copious amounts of ice cream you will be enjoying with your kids then be sure to take your kids Gator Watch to the gym with you. It’s so much easier than juggling your mobile phone and trying to shove it down your bra while you work out!



Do you find yourself always telling your kids that they need to get off their screens and spend time in the fresh air with their friends etc.? Do you also find that you could do with taking some of your own advice? It’s fair to say that many of us parents can actually be terrible when it comes to looking at our phones, laptops and tablets (us included) Why not take a day out and replace your smartphone for your Kids Gator Watch for the day?



Over the summer holidays challenge your family to a “steps challenge” Each person has the Gator watch for one day, and at the end of each day you log their routes. Have they been on their feet all day or have they been a couch potato? Everyone needs to take part, including mum and dad. The steps challenge is a super fun way to bring the family together and partake in some healthy competition!



As parents, we spend much of our time looking for and trying to keep track of our kids movements. This summer let the tables turn and ask the kids to keep track of you with a family game of hide and seek. Get a head start and see if they can find where YOU are. It’s a fun way to get everyone moving and give the kids a bit of a lesson on map reading with our Gator app.



Taking a phone on the run is such a faff. Grab your kids Gator Watch and run for the hills. Then call for help when you can’t manage the run home again.



As if you don’t have enough to juggle with endless bags of family food shopping. The Gator Watch is our best friend in the supermarket. Plus if you get lost in the wine aisle, you can be easily located.

We hope you love these ideas as much as we do. The Gator Watch team already use lots of these ideas, but we are sure there are many more. Join the conversation in the comments below or via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. We would love to know how you use your kids Gator Watch so do let us know!

Part of growing up is taking on independence, step by step, and My Gator Watch – the wearable mobile phone – makes that happen. It uses GPS, two-way calling, works across multiple networks and has an SOS feature for peace of mind.

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