Ten weekend hobbies to try as a family

Oh hey there June! Summer has arrived, and we are making our way into the LAST half term of the academic year. We can hardly believe it. With the kids settled back at school, this is the perfect time to start thinking about ways in which you can get your kids up, active and away from those pesky screens at the weekends. Family time can often be chaotic, especially when everyone wants to do different things. Which is why this week we want to talk about some super fun weekend hobbies that the whole family can enjoy.



If you enjoy nature, then walking as a family can be a great way to get out of the house and stay active at the weekend. Why not make a list of all the walking trails in your local area and make it a goal to tick as many as you can off the agenda during the summer. You will be surprised to learn how many beautiful trails will be available in your area. Ramblers is a great site that allows you to enter your postcode to find the perfect walking trails for your family.



Just like walking, cycling as a family can be both fun and relaxing. Kids love nothing more than riding their bikes and may have already taken their cycling proficiency at school, giving them the extra boost to get outdoors and show you what they have learnt!



Do your kids love running? Would you like to get into running? Parkrun UK is a fantastic organisation which hosts park runs every weekend all over the country. Park Run UK is totally family focussed and allows everyone to join in. You may want to try the kids 2k first and then make your way up to the 5k. There are loads of super fun options. For more information, click here.



Sounds interesting, right? Paddleboarding is becoming super popular here in the UK. If you live close to the beach or a lake, then be sure to check out any local paddleboarding courses that may be available to you. Paddleboarding is something the kids will find exciting, and parents will enjoy doing too.



We love Geocaching. Not only does it get the whole family up and out, but it also incorporates map reading skills and builds on Geography. The kids won’t have time to moan about their feet hurting when they are on an exciting hunt for the next geocache. For more information on Geocaching, click here.



Volunteering can be a brilliant hobby that is hugely worthwhile and educational for the whole family. There are hundreds of different opportunities based all over the country to volunteer as a family. For more information, we recommend visiting the BBC “Do something great” page for lots of information on which charities will suit your child’s age.



Gardening with kids has so many positive benefits. Not only is it therapeutic and stress relieving, but it is also educational, not to mention that it gets everyone outdoors. Why not plan a unique project in your own garden this summer? Or look at renting an allotment space that you can work on during the weekends?



We love a spot of camping! Camping is a fantastic way to switch off from the day to day grind and immerse yourself into the heart of nature. There are hundreds of beautiful campsites dotted all around the UK, and lots of them are very family friendly. Build campfires, roast marshmallows and sleep under the stars. What better way to spend a summer weekend together?



If your kids are interested in sports, then you might want to consider enrolling yourselves into a family sports class. Tennis, volleyball, and even Frisbee are popular choices and will be enjoyed by the whole family. For more information, speak to your local leisure centre or sports club. The kids will love getting competitive with you!



Why not explore the exciting world of astronomy this summer? Kids are often fascinated by this subject and will be really interested in digging deeper and learning more. You can start by popping down to your local library and buying some books before trying to spot the different planets and stars during the warm summer evenings. If you all really enjoy it, you could invest in a telescope and spot everything you have learnt.

We hope you love these weekend hobby ideas as much as we do. There are so many exciting opportunities that the whole family can enjoy. What hobbies do you enjoy at the weekend? Join the conversation in the comments below or via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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