The Gator Watch Family Challenge

Oh hey there, 2019! Is anyone else feeling like they are still full to the brim with Quality Street and cheese? We certainly do!

With every New Year comes the overwhelming desire to change things and make personal goals. Get fitter, eat less and drink more water. We know that New Year’s resolutions can be super hard to stick to so this year we want to scrap the individual goals and work on having a fun, active January that the WHOLE family can enjoy! If you’re looking for ways to get everyone up and motivated then look no further. The Gator Watch mums are here to get you through another January!



First and foremost, let’s set some goals! Sit down as a family and think about the things you enjoy doing together. This could be anything from family walks to finding a new sport that you can try together. Why not try the BBC “which sport are you made for test”? A 60 second test that suggests the best type of sport for your physical and mental abilities. Or why not check out the National Trust website for some winter walk ideas? They have loads of fun adventure ideas that the whole family can enjoy.



Don’t forget that you’re in it together! This isn’t just about getting fit, it’s about making a pledge to get outside and enjoy some family time away from the screens and all the leftover chocolate! We love this blog from very well family50 fun things to do outside as a family. There are so many great ways to have fun whilst staying active. We don’t know which one to choose first!



screenshot 2019-01-07 10.30.54
Image credit: Penny Pinchin Mom



Coming up with creative ways to log your progress is a great way to help you stick to your goals. Why not make a log of who gets the most amount of fresh air each day? You can get loads of ideas from Pinterest and most of them can be adapted to suit the whole family.

We love this Ticket reward system from Penny pinchin mom. In this case, it was used to help promote independence and encourage kids to do their chores. All it requires are some tickets and some jars to decorate. This could easily be adapted to suit the whole family. How fun would it be to “fine” dad if he doesn’t stick to the family challenge?



Being outdoors as a family should be ALL about the fun! Make it competitive. Get yourselves into the winning frame of mind. Get out with the kids are pros when it comes to this and we love that they have a page DEDICATED to fun Family Challenges!

Or why not keep a record of your progress by taking pictures of all your adventures and then compile them into a photo album at the end of the month? This is a great way to look back on all the wonderful adventures you had in the first month of 2019! Dull January? I don’t think so!



Whilst setting your goals, why not come up with a fun reward that you can all enjoy at the end of the month? This could be a day out at somewhere like KidZania or a meal out as a family. Day out with the kids has loads of great ideas for something a bit different! Book a table also has great ideas for getting the kids inspired by food, including lots of restaurants that let kids eat for free.

We hope that you are inspired by January 2019 as we are! We would love to know what creative ideas you have for getting the kids outdoors this New Year. Have you already set your goals? Join the conversation in the comments below or via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. And don’t forget to let us know how you are getting on with your family challenge!

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