“I will never be able to thank you enough” a letter from Teddy’s mum.

Here at My Gator Watch we love hearing your amazing feedback. Recently one of our loyal customers wrote to our founder Colleen Wong to explain the amazing impact that My Gator Watch has had on her son Teddy, who has recently been diagnosed with Dyslexia. We hope you enjoy reading her words as much as we did.

Wow! Where shall I start? Well actually I will start by saying Thank You!

Who would of known that this awesome watch would bring so much happiness to one family (sorry for the cheesy comment, but its so true)

Teddy absolutely loves his My Gator Watch. I did wonder if the novelty would wear off but it certainly has not! The fact that it does not have games and can’t access the Internet is a massive bonus for me (Mummy Tick Number 1)

He is super proud and wears it on show always. He can’t wait so show it off to friends and family, and because of it’s straightforward design and simple button system Teddy is fully capable of explaining how it works and uses it with ease. (Mummy Tick Number 2)

For me the app is a wonderful thing (also very easy to use) the GPS is on point and 100% accurate. It gives me great peace of mind when Teddy is playing outside with friends or at a party/play date with school pals. I can check exactly where he is and just knowing that Teddy can ring me or vice versa whenever we want to is a huge comfort. (Mummy Tick Number 3)

The sound and quality of the watch is second to none, it honestly sounds like we could be speaking phone to phone. Durability is impressive and it is very robust. Teddy is a very active (and accident prone) boy and has worn the watch for a few full days racing plus days out and it still looks as good as new. The SOS function is ingenious. Having said that the fact that I can set the watch so Teddy cannot turn it off is brilliant. (Mummy Tick Number 4)

Also your Tech Team are flawless, and are a huge credit to you, with every email I sent being answered within record time and the information I received was clear and concise. (Mummy Tick Number 5)

Last of all and most importantly (I could actually go on all night but won’t bore you) the change this little watch has made to my sons life is amazing and I have had a few (actually a lot) of happy tears over this.

Teddy has recently been assessed and diagnosed with dyslexia and after a very long time of Teddy having no or little confidence when it came to being out of the house without me, (because he would worry that if he got lost, he couldn’t read the road signs/ shops names or not being able to remember my phone number or where we live, he often gets our address muddled up) to now having a happy go lucky little chap who beams from ear to ear when he has the chance to go out wearing his My Gator Watch. For that I will never be able to thank you enough.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Teddy’s mum for taking the time to write to us.

We would love to hear more of your stories. Please feel free to comment below or share your experiences via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.



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