Security is our top priority

Security is our top priority here at Techsixtyfour. Our wearable for children, My Gator Watch, is end to end encrypted and our systems are reviewed and tested monthly by London cyber security firm

As the founder of My Gator Watch and a mother of 2, I am in complete agreement that products made for children must be secure. When vulnerabilities are found, any company, big or small, must address them quickly. When we were told about vulnerabilities in 2017, we completely overhauled our systems in one month and hired Intruder to review our systems. I also do not believe that a one time test is enough so we have hired Intruder to run tests monthly.

When you are buying a wearable mobile phone for your child this Christmas or a tech toy, please do ask the manufacturer or retailer what security measures are in place. All products can be hacked. It is how well prepared a company is in preventing a hack and also how they respond. If a company does not respond to you in a timely manner, this could be a sign that the product is not secure.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Colleen Wong


Techsixtyfour – My Gator Watch

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