Ten things you should never buy cheaply

Here at My Gator Watch we know that counting the pennies can go a long way to saving the pounds. We’re parents too after all! Kids need LOTS of things and more often than not this results in our bank balances being a little bit HAMMERED. But despite the expense, there are some items that you should never scrimp on. Where quality is far more important than price. With this in mind we have compiled a list of 10 things we feel you should NEVER buy cheaply.



Shoes can be super expensive when fitted properly which can often lead parents to look for cheaper options. However, having correctly fitted shoes is actually essential for foot development so it’s worth spending the extra pennies where possible.

Clarks is one of the best when it comes to purchasing kids shoes. Not only do they offer a free measuring service, but they also take time to assess the fit, comfort and growing space within your chosen shoes.


car seats.png

There was a time, back in the day where child seats weren’t used all that often. In fact, we’ve heard stories of kids just jumping in the car boot for the odd journey! (Years and years ago of course.)

As research and studies have developed over the years it has become very apparent that car seats play an essential part in keeping our kids safe. New laws in the UK now state that children must use a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 centimetres tall, whichever comes first. With this in mind it is definitely worth buying a good quality seat that is EU approved and can grow with them.

We recommend doing your research and checking out Which for the best ratings.

A couple of our favourites are the Dino Radian 5 and the Jane Grand. Both of these are MadeForMums Gold Award winners.



Good quality sleep. It’s something that we PRAY for on a daily basis. More often than not we will pay ANY price to make sure that we get it.

One of the best purchases to help aid a good night’s sleep for our kids is a well designed bed and mattress. Quality sleep is vital for our kid’s physical and mental health as they grow (as well as our own sanity) so spending extra money on a mattress will be well worth the expense. A supportive mattress will reduce rolling, fidgeting and discomfort.  Which will in turn reduce your time spent awake in the wee hours of the morning. Hurrah.

It can of course be hard to choose a mattress that will grow with your child so we suggest visiting Dreams. Dreams has a large selection of children’s beds and mattresses that can be found online and in store.



The crisp mornings and frosts have already greeted us and winter is fast approaching. We aren’t keen on letting the weather stop us from getting outside with the kids though.

In fact the autumn and winter months can bring some of the most beautiful scenery, making it perfect for woodland walks. But how do we keep them toasty and warm (and therefore moan-free)? Good quality winter coats are well worth the money. Not only will they last for the whole winter, but your kids will be comfy and will want to spend more time outdoors, rain or shine. Mountain Warehouse, Millets and Debenhams all offer a wide range of good quality coats that are both waterproof and warm.



From the moment the kids learn to ride a bike you won’t be able to get them off! A good quality bike will last your kids for years and is well worth spending the money on. So we recommend spending that little bit extra and visiting a store that can help measure your kids for a bike that will last. Bike Hut (part of Halfords) can give all the advice and support you need whilst making that all-important purchase.



Another great way to encourage your kids to get outdoors is with a scooter. Scooters can be used from toddler age and can grow with your child up to their teens. It’s super easy to find cheap scooters online, but more often that not they break and can have issues with parts, meaning that your child is more likely to fall or slip. We love Micro and its huge range of adaptable and durable scooters. It even offers scooters for adults, if you want to join in with all the fun!



Kids just can’t sit still for long, can they? That’s why bikes and scooters are some of the best inventions ever. And while these are also items that you shouldn’t really buy cheaply, a good quality helmet is most important. After all, those bumps and falls are inevitable and while a bruise or scrape is fine, a banged head is not.

With lots of cheap and funky options online it can be tempting to order before you try. Bear in mind that shops such as Halfords offer a free fitting service whereby they can help you measure your child’s head and recommend a helmet that will last the duration.



For some, Baby Monitors are a must for keeping some sense of sanity when kids are little, but did you know that they could actually be very useful as your kids grow too?

If your child is prone to nightmares, or if you are worried about them being unwell then you can be sure that the baby monitor will be dusted off and brought back into action.

Instead of buying lots of baby monitors over the years (video, sensor, sound, the list goes on…..), we recommend buying a good quality one from the start. This will then last you, and can even be useful when the kids are playing upstairs with friends.

Motorola, Angel Care and Babymoov are all good reliable brands, which offer baby monitors that grow with your family’s needs.



Thanks to the media, this has become a much bigger concern recently. Are our children eating too much sugar? Are they brushing their teeth enough? Am I using the right toothbrush?

Buying a toothbrush can be a little bit confusing. With so many shapes, sizes and styles of toothbrushes available it can be a bit of a minefield. And heaven forbid you get one with the WRONG DISNEY CHARACTER ON IT.

As our kids get to 5 they become more able to brush their teeth independently and this is where the need for a good quality toothbrush is essential. Colgate offers some great advice on toothbrushes and can point you in the right direction of what your child will need based on their age.



Last but definitely not least are wearables. Taking time to choose a quality wearable for your kids is an essential part of helping them take their first steps towards independence.

My Gator Watch is a wearable mobile phone designed especially for 5-12-year-olds. It uses GPS, two-way calling, works across multiple networks and has an SOS feature for peace of mind. It does not have a messaging feature and you, the parent; determine all numbers that are pre-set within the phone.

If you are interested in learning more about why it is so important to do you research before buying your kids wearable then please check out our recent blog post “How much do you really know about your kid’s wearable”

We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 things you should never buy cheaply. We would love to know what items you spend a little more money on? Do you agree with ours? To join the conversation please leave your comments down below or chat with us via our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.



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