The Ultimate Back to School List

By Meg Laver

Back to school!
Here at Gator Watch HQ we are all excited for our kids to start a brand new academic year. We also know that going back to school doesn’t come without its challenges when it comes to getting everything organised. Which is why we have decided to compile a list of the things that might not yet be on your back to school list, but really should!


Do you find that school mornings are a little hectic? There never seems to be enough time, especially when it comes to getting the kids to wake up. Most kids will happily wake at 7am on a weekend but are a little less enthusiastic on a school day!

A fun alarm clock can be a great way to help hurry the kids along. Tick Tock clocks has a huge range of alarm clocks for all age ranges.

Once they are up we move onto the breakfast rush. Breakfast is always hectic on a school morning, but it doesn’t have to be. Up and Go have created the perfect breakfast drink for kids. “Up and go kids” drinks are made with whole grains, oats and milk. They are a great source of fibre; calcium and vitamin D. Kind kids also offer tasty granola bars, which are full of goodness and perfect for a quick breakfast on the school run! By the time you get to school everyone will be fed and happy!


my name

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School uniform! They cost an arm and a leg but are easily lost and stained. Fear not! There are some pretty great products on the market that can help save the pennies when it comes to uniform.

First off let’s label everything so that it’s easy to identify. offer fabulous nametags to fit every age. Forget sitting at your sewing machine for an hour. These nametags can simply be ironed onto almost any piece of clothing or soft school equipment.  For more information and prices click here.

Even with the best labelling we know that school uniform can get stained on the very first day back at school. We love Ecover’s stain remover. It comes with a built in stain fighting brush to make the task quick and easy.

If you want to be really brave why not use a bottle of coke to remove stains? Mums around the world swear by it and it can be a cheap hack to get those dirty shirts looking white again.

Let’s not forget that all-important Hem tape! Available at Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, and John Lewis.



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If you have ever packed lunches for your kids then you will know that it can take a while to find the perfect lunch box. You need something that keeps the food fresh and ideally keeps it all inside the box whilst the kids throw their rucksacks around. How many lunchboxes have you tried that leak, leaving your kids bags smelling of banana and having a thin, sticky layer of marmite inside? It is for this very reason that we love Bentgo’s kids leak-proof lunch box. Made up of 5 practical compartments it’s perfect for a fun lunch experience. Its leak-proof technology (hurrah!) keeps meals and snacks fresh, and let’s not forget that it’s dishwasher safe, which saves you washing up lots of compartments.

If you are looking for a great water bottle to go in your kids backpack then look no further. Chilly’s bottles are all the rage and it comes as no surprise when you read why. Chilly’s aim to provide people with the ability to always have cold water on-the-go, without having to buy single-use plastic water bottle. A Chilly drink bottle will keep your kids water cold for 24 hours! They have some amazing designs that your kids will love.


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You know that feeling when your kids come to you at 7pm and tell you they have a huge school project due the next morning? Yep we do too! And we have learnt our lesson. The trick? Be prepared for ALL manner of school project dilemmas by setting yourself up an emergency kit of essentials that the kids don’t have access too.

WHSmith offer some great stationary containers that can be filled with emergency supplies of felt tip pens and glues. The Works and Hobby Craft also have a huge range of craft products from scissors, to paints and glitters. Keep these bits away from the kids and pull your emergency stash out knowing that it is all fully stocked and ready for any last minute school project.



We know that kids hate doing their homework. And why wouldn’t they? They just want to be outdoors having fun. But did you know that they are some awesome bits of equipment that can help that homework hour pass a little bit quicker?

Amazon now offer a whole range of fidget pencil toppers that are designed to help combat boredom and anxiety.  They are brilliant for helping concentration levels and they look pretty funky too.

Setting up a dedicated homework area for the kids can be a great way for them to get some peace and quiet whilst they study. Smiggle offer a whole range of awesome desk lights that are funky and offer some relaxing light tones for your kids to work alongside. They also have some great desk accessories, which will make homework time a little more bearable.



Of course we couldn’t have a back to school list without our very own Gator Watch.  It’s the perfect companion for your child as they take the next steps on their school journey. The Gator watch is perfect for keeping in touch with your kids whilst they are at school and is especially useful for when they forget that important PE Kit!

Part of growing up is taking on independence, step by step, and My Gator Watch – the wearable mobile phone – makes that happen. It uses GPS, two-way calling, works across multiple networks and has an SOS feature for peace of mind.

For more information and prices click here.


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