Our Story


By Colleen Wong

Every time I meet with the press, retailers or parents, I tell my story. My Gator watch is a fantastic product but I never like to just talk about the product. Products are often forgotten but stories stick. I came up with the idea during a visit to Bocketts Farm. A little boy was lost and it was announced over the intercom. That broadcast kept me awake that night as I have 2 little kids myself. I thought there had to be a better way for parents to deal with such stressful situations. The thought of losing one of my kids for even one minute stressed me out. And this was just the thought! The idea that came to me was a wearable phone and with that, my journey began.

Why Techsixtyfour? My house number is 64 and this where it all started. As a parent, I built my business around what I think parents would expect when buying a new product. I buy only from companies that have great customer service. I believe that without great customer service, no matter how great the product is, the business will fail. Parents have a lot on their plates.The last thing we need is a false promise which we have to spend time dealing with.

We have spent the last 3 years working on the My Gator Watch and thrilled to announce we will be in retail stores in the coming months. We believe that My Gator Watch is a great tool to have to relieve parents of stress and to stay connected to our kids but we are also big believers that kids should be kids for as long as possible and hope to be a part of the movement that will keep kids active rather than glued to their smartphones.

From all of us at Techsixtyfour, thank you for all your support!

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