What the Gator Watch IS and IS NOT

By Colleen Wong
  1. A stand alone mobile phone with its own sim card, mic and speaker
  2. A tracker using GPS outdoors and WIFI indoors
  3. A tool to help parents connect with their kids in the event they become separated
  4. A tool to give parents greater peace of mind when their child can walk to and from school on their own
  5. A device which can save a parent’s time eg. when the bus is running late due to weather
  6. A device which can give your child confidence to explore just that little bit further knowing they can call you
  7. A communication device which does not have the harmful effects of the internet, social media and games
  8. A cool watch to wear
  1. A smartphone as it does NOT have internet, social media, chatrooms and games
  2. A safety device – It is a mobile phone – We don’t consider our mobile phones safety devices and the same holds true for the Gator watch
  3. Like an apple watch as it does not need to be paired with a phone
  4. A replacement for responsible parenting or teaching kids about safety

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