Digital Detox for Parents

By Colleen Wong

Ofcom has previously reported that more than a third of UK internet users have tried ‘digital detox’. ‘On average, UK adults now say they spend 25 hours a week online, up from nine hours in 2005. Three quarters of UK internet users say it is important to their daily lives and 59% say they are “hooked” on the device they use to connect.

We have had many parents telling us that the Gator watch is something that would be suitable not only for their kids but also themselves as it offers them the digital detox they need but at the same time, they can still be in contact with key members of the family in case of an emergency. My Gator watch has no internet, games or social media. The perfect digital break for parents! We really should be having conversations with proper eye contact and playing with our kids more because checking in with Facebook or Instagram to see what is going on in someone else’s life can wait.


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