Benefits Over Features

By Colleen Wong

Tech products for children is a growing market but there are many products that are feature bloated rather than offering benefits. Choose benefits over features. My Gator watch is a simple product and here are a few examples of why it is a very useful product for parents.

When a child is old enough to walk to and from school on their own, it gives parents peace of mind that they can contact their child at any time.


When a child’s curiosity of the world leads him/her away from the parent’s line of vision, knowing the child can be reached with a phone call and tracked will cause less stress.

My Gator watch is the perfect companion while on holidays and especially at crowded events such as festivals and amusement parks because it is covered by multiple networks in all countries in the EU. In the UK, you are connected to the strongest of Vodafone, EE or O2.

When a child’s bus is running late or if a child wants to stay a bit longer at an after school activity, you can save time and pick them up when they arrive or when they are ready.

As the mobile phone is wearable, a child is less likely to damage or lose it. Parents will save money from replacing smartphones or having to fix them.

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